Our Therapists

Ali Lewis

I am a BACP accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor. My counselling approach is integrative and geared to meet your difficulties; I work with a range of psychotherapeutic techniques: psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.

I have 20 years experience working one to one with people, primarily, as psychotherapeutic counsellor, but also as an occupational counsellor within the field of mental health, and as a university dyslexia and mental health tutor.

As a counsellor I have worked in a wide range of settings, in the NHS, in occupational health services, in employer assisted programmes, as a telephone counsellor, as a support counsellor in return to work programmes, for private companies, and in private practice.

My role as a counsellor is to facilitate an awareness and curiosity of your past and present experiences; so enabling you to gently veer from repeating unhelpful patterns of reacting to situations, to others, and toward yourself.  I work with you in a safe and confidential space. The relationship I have with you is of principal importance, and all we talk of is confidential. I am not there to judge you or tell you what to do, but to support you through the process of exploration.

The ethical underpinning of my work is based on the BACP Ethical Framework: with a commitment to equality and inclusiveness in my work; I am open to differing backgrounds, sexual orientation, race, health difficulties and disability. I have a particular interest in how dyslexia can impact on well being.

My qualifications: BA (hons), Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Assessment, Post Qualifying Cert in CBT, Post Graduate Cert in Dyslexia Diagnosis and Assessment.

If you want to make contact with me and organise an initial assessment session without obligation, please e-mail me on: info@roomtotalkbrighton.co.uk or telephone me on 07786 061184 to arrange an appointment.

Susana Belzunce-Segarra

I am a BACP accredited and experienced psychotherapeutic counsellor. I work as a private practitioner offering counselling and draw from my experience working for Sussex Community NHS Trust, providing counselling and interpersonal psychotherapy for primary care patients with moderate to severe depression and anxiety. I became interested in counselling through my experience of working in the mental health field for over 12 years as a vocational counsellor, with people with chronic and enduring mental illnesses.

My theoretical approach is psychodynamic but I integrate other theories and techniques to suit your individual needs. I believe that our past relationships form the template which influences our current relationships.  As your counsellor I would be interested in exploring this and the dynamics between your relationships past and present. I pay particular importance to the therapeutic relationship. I believe it is within the context of my relationship with you that I foster your self awareness, restore self esteem and promote your personal growth so you can begin to better negotiate your life and relationships outside the counselling room. I offer warmth and empathic understanding within strict confidentiality boundaries.

Over the years I worked with clients from many different backgrounds. My practice abides by the principles of equality and diversity including sexual orientation, race and disability. I was born and raised in Spain so I am able to offer counselling in Spanish and English. I am particularly interested in working with clients who have gone through the destabilising experience of being uprooted.

My qualifications: BA (hons), PGD Pshychotherapeutic Counselling

If you want to make contact with me and organise an initial assessment session without obligation, please e-mail me on: info@roomtotalkbrighton.co.uk or telephone me on 07881 647541 to arrange an appointment.